Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Gary made some mean comments about kitties on Facebook and that really made me mad. So I told him off and defended myself. His brother Ian was delighted to find that I am also on Facebook and he was quite pleased to be added as my friend. Really, it must have been the highlight of his week. I know that because he told his cat Cleo about it.

Well, Cleo is a very fine and modern cat (with very good taste in men) and she signed up right away for her very own Facebook account!

And then it was my turn to be happy because I found that Cleo is taking good care of Gary for us. She's doing the proper kitty duty of pillow purring and being a heavy lump on the foot of the bed.

So that's how I got two new friends yesterday. It's hard making friends when you're a housecat. I really need more, if possible. I like friends.


Jess said...

I am very happy to call you my friend, Getgzer cat!

It's also hard making friends if you are a part-time indoor, part-time outdoor cat. It means that you can't patrol your territory when necessary, and you get all kinds of cat ruffians showing up at your door and you can't do anything about it because your people won't let you outside to enforce! You just have to yell and yell, and everyone gets upset. And then when you *do* go outside, you have to get even by going and sitting in the neighbor cats' yards and stuff. It's a pretty chaotic lifestyle.

Getzger said...

Oh don't you know it, Jess. It really is hard being a kitty sometimes. Everyone thinks we have it easy with all the napping and such. But we're a grossly misunderstood group. I mean what is it with that damned Fancy Feast prissy fluffball? Cats are all about action. Action I tell you! And responsibility! Even when I am visibly resting, I still am monitoring the world, on the alert for strays, noises, and anyone driving up in the driveway. Oh, and any sign of there being any food prepared. It's a hard life, but my people are very lucky that they have me. Now if they'd just stop teasing me. Every time visitors come over they ask me if I want to ride in the car. Yes, I comply nicely by meowing and begging to go, but it's not fair to get my hopes up like that! Some day I'm gonna ask them of they want chocolate and then not deliver. Yeah. That'll teach them.