Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know what the most common thing posted on a blog is? It's where the blog writer apologizes for not attending his blog and getting behind on informing the webspace all about his life. I'm not gonna do that.

You see. I am a cat. And I have no sense of time. Every day is just another day. Every minute is right now. I don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. I have no guilt. I just am. I don't care that I'm fat. I don't care that the food bowl is grubby or that some fool cat just left barf on the bed. I live each moment in the here and now and I continually seek whatever pleases me at that moment. There is freedom in that.

Humans get so caught up in what they ought to do, are supposed to do, shouldn't have done, etc. What's the point? Live. Live and be happy. Spend more time in sunbeams or curled up on the bed. Or watching squirrels play. Or wandering aimlessly through the house in search of fun. But don't feel bad about what is in the past or has yet to come. apologies for slacking on my blog posting. I had better things to do. And when I have something important that I want to say, I'll be back. Until then...purrs and head-bonks.