Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I came home from the hospital today. I was tube fed a couple
of times and was given valium to stimulate me to eat. I was sent
home with a bag and some cans of green pea and duck food and
instructions that if I've not eaten by morning then Ginger should call and they'll start me on valium to keep me eating. Ginger has to give me my
pills still and the vet told her to cover it in Laxatone and push it down my throat with a pencil eraser as it's very bitter and I've been
resistant. I also have a probiotic powder to sprinkle on my food to
repopulate my gut flora. I even got a butt wash and a special
treatment with soothing cream to ease the sores I've licked there.

I'm also supposed to have free reign of the house and a normal world
so as not to freak me out and keep me from eating. So that means the
feeder now has green pea and duck in it too. Since I can't have
normal food for a while. And at $35 for an 8lb bag, Ginger says this better not be
a long term arrangement. I can see where we might have a problem if
this doesn't resolve. Though it would probably do Sprinky some good to
have such good food.

No idea what the problem is. Probably started out as simple diarrhea.
Then my gut became inflamed. Then the food caused a sensitivity. So I've got a bit of irritable bowl. So as long as food makes my gut
spasm, I'm not interested. I've had good food in me now and
hopefully the irritation will stop and I can start healing. If all
else fails, the vet can put a feeding tube in me and Ginger can syringe feed me. So
there are options. The pea and duck...that's novel
proteins that my gut has not seen before and likely has no sensitivity
to. Once I eat normally, we can then experiment with getting me on something that doesn't bother me.

The irony of a fat cat's refusal to eat being a medical emergency is
not lost on anyone. As is the irony of giving an Abyssinian valium to make me eat. I'm so happy to be with his family. I just sidles up to people
and purr, head resting on them. Now I'm curled on Ginger's bed, happy as can

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