Monday, September 15, 2008

The Trots

I've been feeling kinda bad. Last week, Ginger says it was Tuesday, I kept having trouble with my tail end. It kept getting wet. She cleaned me up and put me in the bathroom and SHUT THE DOOR!! That was not acceptable. But there was a litter box and some water and my favorite carrier!!!

After a while in there, Ginger let me have some food. And boy did that taste good! But pretty soon my tummy didn't feel very good and there was lots of wet stuff coming out of me. Ginger kept petting me and she looked kinda worried. Soon she told me to get in the carrier and she got the keys!!! You know what that means don't you? I means a ride in the car!!! So off we went.

She took me to a place with wonderful smells and some very irritating dogs. Why do dogs bark? And there was another cat who wanted to play with my tail. I was not amused. My tail kinda hurt by that point. Pretty soon I got taken to a little room with a silver metal table. And nice women who petted me! But one of them but stuff in my bottom. And put stinky stuff on my nose. She said it was to stop me from purring. Why? What's wrong with purring? Especially when my tummy feels bad. It makes me feel good to purr. The nice lady said I had something called "colitis" and gave Ginger a green bottle that made noise when you shake it. That's an evil bottle, I tell you.

Ginger opened the green bottle and then that's when I knew it had pills in it. I don't like pills. I know that if I shut my throat really tight then the awful pill won't go down. I don't like that it makes my mouth really wet and that drips down my neck. But it's better than swallowing the pill. But I always end up swallowing it. Ginger is like that.

I kind of lost track of time because all I did was sleep and sit in the window. But one day Ginger put me in the laundry room. She said it was because Sprinky had "The Trots" now and needed the bathroom.

It's been almost a week and Ginger keeps coming to me to see if I've eaten my food and used my litterbox. I try not to. It makes me feel bad when I do.

Tonight she let me out. I'm still not eating much though. But a week being locked up makes me want to stop eating. I want to be with my people. I love my people. I even love Tubby. I let him lick me tonight. And I didn't even bite him back.

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Skeezix the Cat said...

I've had the sqwerts like, all my life. Yoo'll be okay, I promiss!