Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well everyone else seems to have a blog, why not me? I'm quite happy to join you all. And besides, now I can talk to the meowers and leave a real name and ID.

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The Meowers from Missouri said...

DUDE! we dunno how we missed the fact that you had a blog!! our mom's view of the world is furry compromised by the fact that all she can see is what is glimpsed through her glass belly-button. *sigh* human beans. *sigh*

an' yes, floatin' is kinda like ridin' inna car--you would prolly like it. mom will eventually get the pictures up on flickr, an' you can scope out the adventure there!

we bets you woulda scared away the rackety-coons that kept them all awake! that stoopid dambrowndog din't say a word!!